PATRICK HAS A VISION. He believes that the future of health care lies in AUTONOMY and EMPOWERMENT. Like Platon before him, he considers that right understanding leads to right action and this is why he devotes himself passionately to teaching. An extraordinary speaker, he transmits his knowledge with eloquence, style and fluidity, and has the ability to break down complex subjects in a way that is both fascinating and accessible to all. Like a performance artist, he knows how to lighten the atmosphere, make people laugh and engage the crowd, while at the same time generating a profound re-questioning in his audience.

As an osteopath, naturopath, master of yoga (someone who trains yoga teachers) and founder of the OSTEO YOGA self-healing method, he is a living library of knowledge. His love for the genius of the human body is contagious. Like a ‘mad’ scientist, he devotes himself entirely to deepening his studies and research, and travels the world (more than 35 countries to his record) to meet the greatest specialists in the fields of natural, ancestral and indigenous medicine.

Author of the book THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE published in 2015, his upcoming book OSTEO YOGA THERAPY will be published in fall 2017.

Patrick Salibi, D.O, N.D.

There is nothing more EMPOWERING in life than asking questions, like a child. That’s how learning is done. This is what my work is all about. Helping you clear your mind and creating space for NEW insights and realizations.


& Workshops

We are all caught up in our own conditioned thoughts and beliefs (comfort zone), and these are the very shackles that prevent us from advancing and growing in Life.

All these conferences have as their first intention to shake things up. To get you to THINK for yourself and re-question things that you plainly believe and take for granted. Breaking down health, healing and disease in such a way that even a 7-year-old will understand… Yes, it’s that simple! And if you allow it to, it will completely change your life.

Watch Patrick in action!

3 conferences adapted to your needs

A Few Testimonials


The Human Experience - A book by Patrick Salibi

THE HUMAN EXPERIENCEThe outcome of over 15 years of experience, research and in-depth learning, this book is a super synthesis which encompasses all the knowledge and questionings that Patrick experienced throughout the years on the human body, health and Life at large. A profound, personal and totally unique masterpiece.

SILENCIUMThe art of RELAXATION is the process by which we become conscious of all the shackles that hold us back from being our Natural selves, and slowly and naturally letting them go. SILENCIUM is a free CD consisting of 3 tracks that are specially designed to show you step-by-step how to consciously relax.

Silencium - Guided Meditation by Patrick Salibi

It doesn’t matter what you do, if you have genius inside of you and want to
bring your life and game to the next level, if you are looking for more depth and SOUL,
then I can help. It’s going to be an initiatic life altering journey.



Global Health Decoded

Lecture (90 mins)
Q&A (30 mins)

*The format and the duration of this conference can be adapted specifically to your event.


Keynote Speaking Engagements, Lunch & Learns, Yoga Studios, Spas, Community Centres, etc.


The most important thing in life is HEALTH, so have said all the wise men and women since time immemorial. If health should be number one on everyone’s priority list, why is it that we know so little about the human body? Think about it. Most people suffer from aches and pains of all kinds, from lower back pain, to constipation and menstrual cramps, to headaches and indigestion, emotional disturbances, insomnia, etc, yet they have no real idea what’s going on. Some people research and try to find answers, but let’s be honest, the more you study, the more you realize that the information out there is conflicting, leaving you powerless and worried, at at the mercy of authorities.

My intent with this conference is to shed light on the subject of Health and health-building. The human body is a phenomenal living machine, and at the end of the day, its internal functioning, contrary to what you may believe, is VERY SIMPLE and down to earth.

Through my lecture, I will present you essential principles that will help you understand how your body works, from the inside, and the cause of the different ailments you (or people you love) may suffer from. COMMON SENSE is at the heart of my talks. Experience for yourself how powerful and liberating it is to gain CLARITY and insight on what’s most important in life: your health.

  • The inner workings of the body, from an osteopathic perspective.
  • The real hidden cause behind pain and disease.
  • Why pain is in reality your best ally.
  • The secrets of health and optimal vitality.
  • Strategies and solutions to help you take your health back into your hands.
The Biomechanics of Success

Lecture (90 mins)
Q&A (30 mins)

*The format and the duration of this conference can be adapted specifically to your event.


Keynote Speaking Engagements, Lunch & Learns, Yoga Studios, Spas, Community Centres, etc.


WHAT EXACTLY IS “SUCCESS”? How does one achieve the ever-elusive promised land of “success”? And at what price? What about GLOBAL SUCCESS? Is this something only a few can find or are we all destined to actualize our potential in Life?

There are many amazing authors out there speaking about success. We know them and find inspiration in their words. But what are the internal mechanics of success? How does it work practically? From the body’s perspective? You see, most often than not, we forget that our bodies are just like cars. Living cars. If you are running on a flat tire, it’s very hard to get to where you want to. In the same way, if our bodies are out of alignment, it’s going to be hard to reach your intended destination.

Through this conference, my intention is to dive into the inner workings of the human body and psyche and help you see how your internal world concretely, biomechanically and neurologically, connects with your outer world. In other words, I’m going to show you in a simple and concrete way how your body and mind work, and how they are intimately connected to the level of success and fulfillment you experience in your daily life. But that’s not all. I will also share practical tips and tricks to help you reclaim your health and life back in your hands.

Discover first-hand the genius of the human body and allow it to revolutionize your Life.

  • The human body: a bioenergetic battery.
  • “Where did my energy go?” Understanding how the energetic system of the body functions.
  • The short and long-term consequences of compensations or lack of energy.
  • How to access an abundant source of energy within your own body.
  • Global success – is it achievable in our modern society?
Yoga Therapy Unveiled

Lecture (90 mins)
Q&A (30 mins)
with a few practical exercises, depending on time available.

*The format and the duration of this conference can be adapted specifically to your event.


Yoga schools and studios, gyms and fitness clubs, dance schools, spas, massage and bodywork schools, etc.


WE ALL LOVE YOGA. Who has not been touched and literally transformed by their daily practice? Some of us have even dedicated our lives to sharing its glory with the world, and through it, we find meaning and purpose.

We all also know that there is more to Yoga than meets the eye. We can feel it when we do our asanas or pranayamas, or when we read sacred texts or listen to yoga elders speaking. There is a healing potential lurking in the shadow. We intuitively know it, yet somehow we can’t seem to fully unleash it. A part of us really wants to, yet at the same time, we feel intimidated by the sheer Power that lives inside the body, and the responsibility that comes with it.

In this conference, we will dive into the mysteries of the human body and the living cosmos. How does the body work, practically speaking? What is disease and where does it come from? We will plunge in the fascinating yet complex world of healing. What is healing, really? How is it achieved? at what cost? We will also look at the reality of Karma and how it manifest in our bodies and out into the world. And last but not least, we will look into the inner workings of yoga asanas and discover how we can unlock their therapeutic potential, in order to find greater meaning and union in our daily lives.

My purpose with this workshop is to help sincere yoga practitioners – beginners or advanced – deepen their understanding of the human body, and cultivate the therapeutic potential of Yoga. It is my sincere hope that we can gently open the doors of the underworld and rediscover the transformational magic and bliss that lies hidden within.

  • The fundamental paradigm of our modern society and how it affects our vision of the human body and life.
  • The 4 principles of osteopathy and how they will transform your vision and experience of the human body.
  • The mother of all diseases: karma demystified from a biomechanical perspective.
  • The 5 keys to access the therapeutic potential of asanas and pranayamas.
  • The future of health and the window of opportunity offered to the new yoga therapist profession.

Listening to Patrick in conference and meeting him in person has been for me a unique and unforgettable experience. This great man of disarming simplicity transcends the mind of the participants touching their hearts directly with profound wisdom and logic! Not only does he possess a remarkable knowledge of the mechanics of the human body, but he also succeeds at explaining it in such a simple and brilliant manner, that all his audience understands him immediately.

David Bernard
DAVID BERNARD – Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author, TV Personality

Patrick masters the art of sharing his knowledge. His lectures are dynamic, vibrant, and enlightening. Attending his talks allows me to better understand myself, and put into words what I am living, feeling, while enabling me to better share, teach, and guide others in their self-actualization and self-realization quest.

Brigitte Pogonat
BRIGITTE POGONAT –  Actress, Yoga Teacher

For more than 2.5 hours, all eyes were fixed and ears perked to take it all in. You have captivated us by the depth of your research and have brought an important complement to the meaning of my career which I am doing first and foremost in order to help others. After your departure, the members of our group stayed until midnight to discuss (even those coming from Quebec!)… it gives you an idea! Thank you very much for your generosity.

Chucri Chemali
CHUCRI CHEMALI – Certified Densitometry Technologist

In a saturated market, here is an unparalleled voice of uncompromising honesty… Pat had me hooked from the very start. Mind blowing and relevant, spiritually inspiring and down to earth, Patrick is simply a master communicator. I implore all who wish to learn more about Health and Life as a whole to check him out.

Rob Sinclair
ROB SINCLAIR – Musician, Music Producer & Teacher

Patrick shared a lot of information and experience during his conference. He uses simple and concrete examples to help people to understand how things work. It’s truly an invitation to explore and question yourself about life, and what it means to live as an empowered human being. Thank you, Patrick, for your generosity.

Simon Legault
SIMON LEGAULT – Electrician

There was this moment during the conferences where Patrick gave me the impression that he knew me personally and that he was speaking to me, just to me. Suddenly, he pronounced words that were exactly what I needed to hear at that very precise moment of in my life. Words that illuminated and changed everything!

KRISTINE PRUD'HOMME – Personal Assistant

Patrick is a magnetic speaker. What he transmits is much more than knowledge about the genius of the human body, it is the vibrant Voice of a Man who speaks with clarity and integrity of the human experience in its entirety. His lecture awakens in us the spark of turning to inwards, perhaps for the first time, and to re-question ourselves and what we take for granted. Rigorous, extremely competent, listening to him talk is a fascinating, deeply rewarding experience, and transformative.

Rachelle Ménard Côté
RACHELLE MÉNARD CÔTÉ – Public Relations & Communications

Assisting Patrick’s conference was a veritable blessing. He communicates directly to the human heart. His message is vibrant, powerful; it activates and enlightens. His understanding of the internal mechanisms of the human body and of Life nourishes my thirst for knowledge, inspires me to deepen my practice and has transformed my teaching.

Marie Papazian
MARIE PAPAZIAN – Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher

A formidable exponent, endowed with a truly charismatic sense of humor, Patrick puts us in touch with the mechanisms of life. Magic operates more than once, often followed by great laughter. For the exploring soul, it is a whole new world that unfolds with its colors, paradoxes, and contradictions. All that remains is to gather the fruits that life has destined for us.

Rosa Zacharu
ROSA ZACHARIE – Multidisciplinary artist, Coach

Patrick you are a genius, a fountain of knowledge. It’s refreshing. Forget the same old stuff that you’ve heard before. Finally something that will actually touch you, and profoundly shift your understanding of life and the world around you. It’s so fresh, so genuine and so incredibly human and down to earth.

Julia Herzog
JULIA HERZOG – Project Manager

The conference with Patrick brought movement, change, and NEW into my life. The knowledge he carries touches us, ignites us, and re-animates that spark of life that we all carry within.

Line Godbout
LINE GODBOUT – Art Director

It is one of the rare times that someone explained health and healing so clearly, from a biomechanical point of view. It was so logical that my engineer brain understood right away. What I also adore is that his lecture was a journey in itself. He gracefully succeeded in transmitting the desire to explore more, feel more, and plunge deeply into myself and discover the mysteries hidden within.

Jennifer Ackad
JENNIFER ACKAD – Engineer, Teacher, Yoga Therapist

It’s really rare to meet such profound and honest person who can share practical knowledge in such a simple manner… There are no words that can really describe the experience. He is truly an inspiring individual!

Sabrina Cazes
SABRINA CAZES – Colon Hygienist

Patrick is an amazing speaker. Drawing on your common sense and simple logic, he breaks down the concept of health and brings it to life, with style and humor, revealing just how accessible, fascinating and simple it really is. His love for the genius of the human body is deeply contagious and inspires to develop a deeper and more intimate relationship with our own body/self. His talk is enlivening, transformative and simply and profoundly human.

Loric St-Onge

Patrick’s words make his audience dance with such agility and touches us right where we need it the most. Clear, direct, he knows how to juggle brilliantly and pass from the most down to earth realities, to the highest metaphysical concepts, in a quarter of a second. And did I mention he is VERY funny as well?

Sarah Mascolo
SARAH MASCOLO – B.A. in Occupational Therapy & Contemporary Dance

Patrick is an abundant source of knowledge and shares practical keys that help empower our lives. His conference bring lucidity and clarity and inspire and rekindle the desire to actualize ourselves and our lives.


Listening to Patrick is like sipping fresh water directly from the source! His talk is soul refreshing, taking you on a journey deep inside the human body and mind, addressing topics that are intimately related to all of us, with so much depth, aliveness, and raw honesty, leaving you hopeful, and filled with a deeper love and understanding for yourself and humanity.

Marie-France Lord-Andrade

Attending Patrick’s conference helps me find answers to so many questions while arousing new ones! It demystifies the body and life so simply that one wonders why no one before him was able to explain things like that. An enlightening and deeply inspiring experience.

Karine Labrosse
KARINE LABROSSE – Communications Consultant